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Thema: The Fallacy of the Electric Car

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    The Fallacy of the Electric Car


    There are 150 million cars on the road in the US today. All of our cars are electric, let's say with an average of only 80 hp (yuck). Now let's say that two-thirds of the cars get charged evey night. That would require the building of 1,500 power plants with average output to keep up with the new consumption. 1,500 if the transfer of energy is 100% efficient, which it isn't.
    Battery transfer of energy is at most, 47% efficient, meaning we would need to build more than 3,000 power plants throughout the US. That's 60 power plants per state, in addition to what we already have. Most of these would be coal, because they are cheap. In reality, electric cars would increase pollution dramatically and would require massive capital costs to biuld the plants, meaning higher power bills to you and me.
    Let's keep the combustion in the car itself, where there's less energy-transfer required. And less pollution as a result.

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    I also plan to swap the controller with the same one fitted to a different bike to test it when time permits...



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