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Thema: World of Warcraft Classic character limit has also been upped in a big way


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    World of Warcraft Classic character limit has also been upped in a big way

    World of Warcraft Classic is out to bring back most of the players who have long confirmed the famous MMO glory days are their first few years. Blizzard has played close attention to playtesting for the past few months, and with the latest outing, they have met with big problems. The server they had at that time was suffering from a long queue of players. You read it correctly, for hours, not minutes. The uncertainty of WoW Classic requests has been answered. While the current retail version of World of Warcraft certainly has its own fanbase that has moved from the past, the nostalgic engine cannot be stopped.

    Blizzard opened the Stalagg realm in an attempt to block the problem before it happened, but players were reluctant to switch domains, because Herod had become an early favorite in the community that had even created fan-made content written about his prowess. Many players are just fans of the name, and the NA-based kingdom faces a launch crisis if its popularity remains. On the EU side, there is another problem - Shazzrah faces the same player blockage, with the proposed solution being a move to the realm of Gehennas. If you are in lack of World of Warcraft Classic Power Leveling, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

    The server just opened their door five hours before launch. Widespread reactions to this move are positive, because recent news about the 'possibly several hours' queue has caused more than one level of concern among WoW playerbases. And many people are just happy that they won't face a long wait before they can really play. On the other hand, some players think Blizzard is overreacting, and that there are too many servers now, with the prospect of some realms dying, when the initial flow of interest in WoW Classic is definitely a little less.

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